Around 2,000 HDB units still do not have direct lift access due to technical and cost constraints: HDB

The Housing and Development Board has picked up 28 full requests for the LHG since Feb21, of which Twenty Two were accepted and 4 are subject to assessment, explained the MND in Parliament on Monday 10 May.

The Lift access Housing Grant was presented in Mar 2K20 to aid citizens that quickly call for shortest elevator access due to medical or wheelchair issues.

” Given that LHG receivers need to execute moving, it is intended for homes with a major necessity for direct lift connectivity,” it implied in a black and white reaction to Member of Parliament Zhulkarnain Abdul Rahim’s issue on if the ministry has scrutinized the utility bill of LHG and the reason for its nominal take-up rate.

The ministry indicated beyond Five thousand Three hundred HDB blks have zero full continuous elevator connection until the commence of the Lift Upgrading Programme, which was released in 2001 to grant straight lift connection to flats as well as strengthen accessibility for citizens, primarily the seniors and much less mobile.

And even though the majority of Housing and Development Board inhabitants nowadays appreciate through lift access, furthermore there are yet more or less hundred fifty blks, influencing more or less 2thousand Housing and Development Board units, that don’t contain unbroken lift accessibility. HDB recorded that it is not attainable to achieve the LUP in these particular apartments due to steep prices or even technical restrictions.

” In some cases, the price of performing the LUP could be probably reach that of an all new flat. It would certainly not be financially prudent to furnish the LUP in this type of blks,” Ministry of National Development explained.

” That’s why, meantime Housing and Development Board remains to delve into new solutions to cut down setup costs furthermore conquer the complex pressures concerning the remaining apartments, it offered the Lift access Housing Grant, in Mar2K20 to aid homeowners that quickly call for shortest lift accessibility due to health-related or mobility matters, to move right into a flat along with this type of availability.”

The ministry explained that it calculates the amount of family units that would likely require the LHG to be “small-scale”.

19 Nassim showflat

“As the LHG was generally offered fairly recently, Housing and Development Board is going to push on to keep an eye on the situation also analyze if additional growths get needed to suit the needs of HDB locals,” Ministry of National Development announced.

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