About 1,700 Flats Surrendered To HDB In Last 5 Years, Says MND

Roughly 1thousand 7hundred public housing were submitted to the Housing and Development Board in the last 5 yrs, stated SM of MND Sim Ann in Parliament on 2March.

Based on the numbers, close to one-half were two room units, 1/6 were 3 room units, and also 1/3 were four room or even larger sized units, Sim Ann pointed out.

Sim prepared the declaration in respond to MP Gan Thiam Poh’s inquiry on the quantity of HDB units resold to HDB, the reason the flats were marketed and also if Housing and Development Board may look at supplying these sorts of units on its public booking process.

Sim noted that around 1,000 of the given up public housing were on short contract and makes up small apartment, 2 room Flexi units obtained on a brief contract including public housing that owners took Lease Buyback Scheme.

19 Nassim showflat

” Owners of brief contract units that no more desired to maintain their units or that had already gotten unqualified to do so, are obliged to surrender their public housing to Housing and Development Board. These individuals are certainly not allowed to promote them on the open market,” she shared.

The various other seven hundred units were submitted primarily because of adjustments in the factors of the proprietors in their MOP. Such homeowners were not at all authorized to market their HDB flats on the common market as these individuals had not met their MOP.

” Some of the most regular reasons for surrender of flats happen to be divorce, separation of fiancé-fiancée couples, and also recall of matrimony,” expressed Sim

HDB reimburses proprietors of submitted flats and also markets them thru the SBF routines.

“If the public housing stay untaken following the Sale of Balance Flat exercise, they might subsequently be made available in the open up reservation,” included Sim.

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