940,000 HDB Households To Receive U-Save Rebates This Month

Around 940K S’porean households staying in HDB apartments will enjoy GST Voucher Utilities-Save deductions this month, communicated the MOF on 2 January.

Out of this number, roughly 155,000 bigger households will delight in 2.5 times their normal U-Save repayments in the financial year 2020.

Family units living in one- plus double room HDB apartments usually enjoy Utilities-Save reimbursements up to around three to 4 months out of their energy charges.

“Adding to the GSTV– Utilities-Save Exclusive Contribution presented in 2020, these types of houses will enjoy reimbursements matching to at least 6 to eight calendar months of their utility costs,” pointed out MOF.

Family units occupying three- and four-room HDB flats normally get U-Save reimbursements equal to around 1 to two calendar months out of their electrical charges.

19 Nassim condo floor plan

The relief that citizen are going to get now will work out to a minimum of two to four months of their energy statements.

Meanwhile, families with members who hold more than just one apartment are not eligible when it comes to the U-Save reductions.

Overall, the govt is going to pay out $630 million of U-Save rebates for the FY 2020 to benefit family units, specifically the lesser- and also middle-income households, take care of their household expenses.

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