864 Households Applied For HDB Loan Deferments From April To August 2020: MND

The HDB has supported nearly 25 hundreds families on their HDB mortgage monthly payments starting April to August 2020, made known the Ministry of National Development in Parliament on 14 October 2020.

Of these, 864 homes made a decision to postpone their loan expenditures, whereas 277 reduced their home loan fees.

Ministry of National Development did the report in response to MP Ng Ling Ling, who wondered on the amount of ask for delay of Housing and Development Board property loan expense were gone through by Housing and Development Board from the beginning of the circuit breaker time span also the percentage of the authorized demands.

“HDB presents private financing advise to home owners looking for assist with their HDB loan contributions to get the idea of their concerns, as well as identify appropriate solutions to facilitate these people,” expressed Ministry of National Development.

19 Nassim – Nassim Hill

It indicated that the help strategies consists of endorsing home owners to postpone or lower home loan fees , also extend their loan period subject particular age limitations.

“As the personal economic counselling is comprehensive, we are not able to provide information on the amount of homes that sought especially to postpone their home loan monthly payments,” MND explained.

Nevertheless, Ministry of National Development guaranteed that they are closely keeping track of the situation and is going to assess the capacity of their help procedures as the circumstance develops.

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